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  • 8 binaural  hypnosis tracks with guided meditation
         4 Theta Tracks:
  • Old vs. New Story
  • ​Replacing Hurt
  •  Why I'm Worth It
  •  The Definition of Being a Man
         2 Alpha Tracks:
  • Serotonin Triggers - Our Feel Good Chemical
         2 Gamma Tracks:
  • Focused Attention on What Matters
  • 6 Video Modules
  • What is Connection?
  • ​What Story Are You Telling?
  •  Appreciation and Validation
  •  Self-Care and Self-Love - Being Whole
  • ​What is Love and How to Express it
  • ​How to Listen with Your Empathy and Not Your Story
  • Launch Party BONUSES
  • Video Module: What Does Showing Up Mean?
  • ​Video Module: How to Talk to Women Like Everyone Else
  • ​Theta Track: Ho'oponopono  - The Art of Self-Forgiveness
  • ​Delta Track: Deep Sleep for Unshakable Confidence
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Only $199 $47
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